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Are You Enough?

Yes! That's the short answer and really the only thing you need to remember and believe. We hear a lot of parents ask this when they are talking about their children. Parents want to make sure they are doing everything they can for their children at every stage of their development and daily life. Am I providing enough support? Discipline? Healthy food? Empowering experiences? Educational exposure? Physical activities? Creative opportunities? Socialization? Family time? Love? Direction? Wisdom? The list is endless, and especially in the time of Covid, the responsibility of the parent to ensure the optimal growth of their children is more vital than ever before. It takes a village, right? But what if the village is in lock down, or through the course of unprecedented circumstances you have found yourself raising your children alone.

It's OK. You are OK. It may not feel like it, but it's true. All of us, deep inside our genetic code have the ability to do anything, especially be a parent. Regardless of how your nurture interwove with your nature, the skill set embedded in your cells to procreate and cement the next generation sits on the highest pedestal the universe has to offer to humans. We have the collective information of history and evolution squeezed into our modest but effective bodies to be the best versions of ourselves. This ability enables us to be the best parent for our child. You don't always have to be the best parent. We often fall short of what we think our children deserve, but it is not malicious and the universe can provide infinite support and energy to get you where you want to be.

Some things you just have to believe. There is a line in a Peal Jam's "Getaway" that says "Sometimes you have to have Faith in no Faith." We named our daughter Faith for this reason. When your brain is telling you there is no way, you have to listen to your heart to believe there is a way. If you can't feel your heart telling you there is a way, then you need to use your will power to believe there is Faith when it seems impossible. If you can't find the will power, breathe until you can. You will.

"There is always hope....RIght?" - Michael Jordan (Last line of The Last Dance)

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